Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Darkness 2

Game Name The Darkness II
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
2K Games
Digital Extremes
First-Person Shooter
Comic Book

The Darkness II is a sequel to 2007's The Darkness and is scheduled to be released in February 2012.


Though it's come up a couple of times in passing, not much is known about the status of a sequel to The Darkness. At Comic-Con 2009, Top Cow representatives confirmed that a second game was in the works, but didn't follow that with any real detail. Inquiries to Starbreeze--the developer of the first game--make it sound like whoever is behind this new game doesn't have anything to do with the first one.

The Darkness sequel is in development confirmed by Top Cow, however Starbreeze is not involved. It has been recently confirmed that Digital Extremes will be developing this game. The game will also be using their own in house engine, the Evolution Engine.
It has been confirmed by 2K Games that Mike Patton will be reprising his role as the voice of The Darkness.

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