Monday, 21 November 2011

End of Nations: Sneak Peek

Trion's End of Nations might not be due out until next year, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't start getting prepared early. Today, the developer released a batch of screenshots of the upcoming free-to-play RTS/MMO hybrid featuring tanks, artillery, and scout vehicles fighting in some of the different locations that will be made available at launch. 

If you're smart, you'll start studying the locations now so that you can memorize some of the maps. That way, with enough dedication, you might be able to start drawing out battle plans and working on your before the game even comes out. The enemy nations won't know what hit them!

The new screens show off a nice variety of locations, which is always good to see in a real-time strategy game. Sure, there are your stereotypical barren wastelands, but there are a few images that feature more rural locations as well.

Some of the levels appear to take place in nice, colorful environments with beautifully-rendered water that we can't wait to destroy enemies in.

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