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Diablo 3

Game Name Diablo III
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment

Twenty years have passed since Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone. Mount Arreat, home of the proud Barbarians, was obliterated when the Worldstone exploded. Now Arreat is nothing more than a giant crater. The Barbarians, with no home and no Worldstone to protect, have become nomadic. There are few still living who can bear to remember the horrors that the Prime Evils wrought upon the world. Most of those who fought the hordes of the burning hells have gone mad. Others who did not witness the terrible events firsthand often cannot bring themselves to believe that the battle with the Prime Evils is anything more than spook stories. Deckard Cain has spent twenty years trying to figure out what the destruction of the Worldstone will mean for Sanctuary. In this time Cain has adopted a young girl by the name of Leah, and has started to teach her the lore of the Horadrim. But evil stirs once again, and new heroes are needed to fight against the coming onslaught...


Diablo III will feature five different character classes, and unlike previous installments in the series, players can now select the gender of their character, rather than each class having only a single gender representation.


Skill window (right) & character's current skill window (left) as of August the 1st, 2011 
  • Ancient Spear: Throws a spear with a chain attached to it. If it hits the spear deals damage, and then pulls the target back to the Barbarian. After pulled the target it's movement speed is slowed.
  • Bash: A powerful attack that does a bonus weapon damage.
  • Battle Rage: increases damage done and increases critical damage done.
  • Call of the Ancients: Summons three ancient Barbarians; Talic, Korlic and Madawc, who attack his enemies
  • Cleave: The Barbarian swings his sword laterally, eviscerating multiple enemies in close range.
  • Earthquake: Shakes the earth violently, causing massive damage to all nearby enemies
  • Frenzy: A stacking ability that increases weapon damage and attack speed of attacks.
  • Furious Charge: Charge directly at an enemy, smashing everything in the way.
  • Ground Stomp: The Barbarian pounds the ground causing shock-waves to travel along the ground, stunning nearby enemies.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: A massive attack that has an increased chance to critically hit.
  • Ignore Pain: Reduce all damage taken for a short amount of time.
  • Leap Attack: The Barbarian makes a mighty leap, causing weapon damage to all enemies in an area upon landing.
  • Overpower: A powerful attack that deals damage to nearby enemies. Can only be used after scoring a critical hit.
  • Rend: Perform a vicious blow to all enemies within a small area, dealing weapon damage and an additional physical damage over time.
  • Revenge: When hit, there is a chance the Barbarian may strike all enemies within range, dealing weapon damage and gaining health for each enemy hit.
  • Seismic Slam: A shock-wave that travels linearly toward target enemies, dealing massive damage to them and anything in its path.
  • Sprint: Grants the Barbarian a speed boost.
  • Threatening Shout: Shouts with great ferocity, reducing damage done by enemies within an area.
  • War Cry: A terrifying cry that provides fury and increases the armor of the Barbarian and all party members within range.
  • Weapon Throw: The Barbarian hurls a weapon at his foes, causing weapon damage and slows the target.
  • Whirlwind: The Barbarian swirls like a cyclone, delivering attacks to everything in his path.
  • Wrath of the Berserker: Enter a heightened sense of fury, raising several stats (Critical Hit, Attack Speed, Dodge Chance, Movement Speed) for a time. Monsters with damage immunities will take less damage from the Barbarian's attacks rather than being immune.


Witch Doctor

  • Acid Cloud: Acid rains down dealing an initial poison damage followed by more poison damage per second to whom remain in the area.
  • Big Bad Voodoo: Summons a fetish that increases the movement, attack and casting speed of all nearby allies.
  • Corpse Spiders: Summon spiders to attack nearby enemies.
  • Fetish Army: Summon an army of fetish creatures to fight by your side
  • Fire Bats: Bats fly down from just above the Witch Doctor's head and pass by his hands, at that point they are set ablaze only to smash into anything that gets in their way. This spell has a cone area effect and will continue until the player releases the casting button or until he runs out of mana.
  • Firebomb: The Witch Doctor has the ability to hurl an explosive ball of fire at his enemies that deals massive damage to the target unit and nearby enemies.
  • Gargantuan: Summon a large zombie follower to fight for you.
  • Grasp of the Dead: Hands reach out of the ground, slowing enemies and dealing damage per second
  • Haunt: Haunt an enemy with a spirit dealing arcane damage over time. If the target dies, the spirit will automatically haunt another nearby target.
  • Hex: Summon a fetish shaman that will hex enemies into chickens. Hexed enemies are unable to perform offensive actions and will take additional damage.
  • Horrify: The Witch Doctor conjures up a horrifying image that sends his enemies fleeing in panic, which gives the Witch Doctor enough time to attack his enemies as they flee.
  • Locust Swarm: Summons a swarm of locust that deals damage on multiple targets; the swarm of locusts can jump from one enemy to another depending on the density of enemies in a given area.
  • Mass Confusion: The WD alter the minds of every target in a area this causes enemies to attack each other.
  • Plague of Toads: Toads are summoned forth and hop forwards slightly spreading out the farther they get away. If the toads make contact with a enemy the toads pop and splatter poison on them. If the toads do not hit anything they will pop on their own leaving a pool of poison on the ground that will damage any who tread over it.
  • Poison Dart: Fires a deadly poison dart that deals poison damage and additional poison damage over time.
  • Sacrifice: With a snap of his fingers the Witch Doctor can force his pets to explode dealing massive damage to all around its former location.
  • Soul Harvest: Allows the Witch Doctor to capture the souls of his enemies to empower his spells.
  • Spirit Barrage: A multitude of spirit bolts bombard enemies in the targeted area. Each bolt deals arcane damage.
  • Spirit Walk: Enter the spirit realm, allowing unhindered movement for a short time.
  • Summon Zombie Dog: The Witch Doctor calls forth a zombie dog. There can only be 3 dogs out at any one time.
  • Wall of Zombies: Erupting out of the ground zombies form a wall, attacking any enemies that get close.
  • Zombie Charger: A reckless, suicidal zombie deals poison damage to all enemies in its way.


    • Arcane Orb: An orb of pure energy on an area explodes on contact dealing arcane damage to all enemies in the blast area. Critical hits silence targets for 4 sec.
    • Arcane Torrent: Arcane meteorites pelt the targeted region dealing arcane damage.
    • Archon: Transforms into a powerful archon for a short time, granting the wizard a new set of abilities. Killing enemies during this form extends the duration.
    • Blizzard: The Wizard calls down shards of ice to pelt an area dealing damage per second. Critical hits freeze targets.
    • Charged Bolt: Electricity randomly travels across the ground dealing damage to targets it hits and stunning ones that get critically hit.
    • Diamond Skin: Turns the Wizard's skin to diamond and absorbs damage from incoming attacks.
    • Disintegrate: Focuses a "beam" of pure energy on enemies that increases in power and lethality over the time that it's cast.
    • Electrocute: Casts a lightning attack that deals a wide range of damage and can strike multiple enemies.
    • Energy Armor: A protective barrier that absorbs damage, draining arcane power in its place.
    • Energy Twister: Summon an energy twister that deals arcane damage to everything in its path.
    • Explosive Blast: Builds energy around the Wizard that explodes, causing physical damage in a small radius.
    • Familiar: Creates a companion that accompanies the Wizard, attacking enemies. This companion cannot be targeted or damaged by enemies.
    • Frost Nova: An explosion of ice shards emanating from the Wizard damaging nearby enemies. Projectiles have an additional chance of a critical hit. Critical hits freeze targets.
    • Hydra: Summons a hydra out of the ground that shoot fire balls like an automated turret.
    • Ice Armor: The Wizard surrounds herself in a barrier of ice that increases armor, freezes attackers, and causes cold damage. (Cold damage chills enemies, slowing their movement and attack speed.)
    • Magic Missile: A basic attack. Fires a magic missile at enemies. Critical hits silence targets for 4 secs.
    • Magic Weapon: Imbue a weapon with magic causing it to deal more damage.
    • Meteor: A massive meteor falls from the sky that causes fire damage to all enemies in the affected area. Also leaves a pool of fire that does fire damage every second.
    • Mirror Image: The Wizard creates multiple illusions of herself to distract attackers.
    • Ray of Frost: A beam of cold energy slams the target. Critical hits freeze targets.
    • Shock Pulse: Releases unpredictable electrical charges.
    • Slow Time: Creates a dome like structure around the Wizard that slows everything in the vicinity of the character.
    • Spectral Blades: Spectral blades slice each enemy that are a short distance in front of the Wizard.
    • Storm Armor: Surround yourself in electrical energy. Electric bolts are automatically fired at attackers.
    • Teleport: The Wizard Teleports to the selected location up to 40 feet away.
    • Wave of Force: The Wizard projects a burst of generic energy outwards, repelling enemies and projectiles.


      • Blinding Flash: A blinding flash that blinds all nearby enemies. Enemies hit by blinding flash have a 30% chance to miss and won't attack the monk unless attacked first.
      • Breath of Heaven: A spell that heals the monk and allies around him
      • Crippling Wave: A combo skill that attacks enemies in an arc in front of the monk for the first two attacks and on the third does aoe damage to everyone around him.
      • Dashing Strike: A spirit spender that quickly dashes to a target , useful for closing the distance or to create distance if used on a location rather then a enemy.
      • Deadly Reach: A combo skill that has a range. Third strike goes the farthest.
      • Exploding Palm: A combo skill, First two hits deal % of weapon damage, the Third puts a DOT (damage over time) on the target that if that target dies before the time on the DOT runs out the target explodes damaging targets close by.
      • Fists of Thunder: A combo skill that unleashes a series of increasingly powerful lighting based attacks.
      • Inner Sanctuary: A protection circle that stops all enemies from getting into melee with the Monk.
      • Lashing Tail Kick: A kick that knocks back enemies.
      • Lethal Decoy: The Monk creates an illusion of himself if hit the decoy explodes dealing holy damage to near by enemies.
      • Mantra of Conviction: Nearby enemies recieve additional damage.
      • Mantra of Evasion: Increases the dodge rate of the Monk and all allies nearby.
      • Mantra of Healing: The Monk and all nearby allies gain increased life regeneration.
      • Mantra of Retribution: Causes the monk and nearby allies to return a portion of the melee damage they recieve back as holy damage.
      • Mystic Ally: Summons a mystic ally that fights alongside you.
      • Serenity: A shield that protects the Monk from ranged attacks.
      • Seven Sided Strike: An area effect skill in which the Monk uses blinding speed to attack multaple targets. As he is using the skill he can not be damaged.
      • Sweeping Wind: A sweeping attack that damaged all hit by it.
      • Tempest Rush: Run through enemies, dealing damage and slowing them.
      • Wave of Light: The Monk summons a rolling wave of Holy fire that deals damage to all in its path.
      • Way of the Hundred Fists: A combo skill, first the monk dashes to his target dealing a single punch, then he unloads with multitude of rapid punches, then finishes it off with a AOE attack.

        Demon Hunter

        • Bola Shot: A spinning projectile that wraps around a target and explodes a few seconds later
        • Caltrops: Small bits of shaped metal that damage enemies who walk over them (it may also slow them down slightly)
        • Charkram: A sharpened star shaped disk that the DH throws dealing damage to targets in its path.
        • Cluster Arrow: The DH fires an arrow that hits the ground, and grenades erupt from the consequent blast, which in turn explode to damage enemies.
        • Companion: Summon a raven companion to peck at your enemies.
        • Elemental Arrow: Shoots a piercing arrow that deals elemental damage.
        • Entangling Shot : A arrow that deals damage and slows the target's movement speed, the slow effect will spreed to other targets if they are close.
        • Evasive Fire: Shoots an enemy, also backflips if the enemy is nearby.
        • Fan of Knives: Knives spiral out around the Demon Hunter damaging any enemies with in range.
        • Grenades: The Demon Hunter Trows out 3 grenades that bounce for a second or two then explode. damaging enemies in range.
        • Hungering Arrow: A bolt that seeks out enemies and does damage and has an chance to pierce the target.
        • Impale: First a massive shot at a single enemy.
        • Vault: A defensive move where the Demon Hunter does a series of cartwheels to put distance between her and her enemies.
        • Marked for Death: The DH singles out a target. Any attack that hits will do increased damage, as long as the target stays marked.
        • Multishot: A Cone effect skill that fires a few dozen little arrows out damaging all in range.
        • Preparation: Restores all discipline.
        • Sentry: The DH drops a crossbow turret that fires on targets automatically.
        • Shadow Power: Greatly increases attack speed for a short time.
        • Smoke Screen: An escape skill, that turns the DH invisible for a short period of time.
        • Spike Trap: A trap that is activated once a enemy gets close to it. the trap whirls and spins blades all around the trap damaging anything that walks over it.
        • Strafe: Shoots many, weakers arrows at enemies while slowly moving in a direction.
        • Rain of Arrows: The DH fires a single arrow into the air, what returns to the ground is not one but a hundred arrows landing in the target area.
        • Rapid Fire: Shoots with greatly increased attack speed, a hail of weaker arrows.

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